Referring Clients to Kibbey Wagner

Welcome to Kibbey Wagner – your trusted partner in Atlanta personal injury cases. Our firm is honored to work with fellow attorneys, and we understand the importance of collaboration when it comes to handling complex and high-stakes personal injury cases.

Fee-Sharing Commitment

At Kibbey Wagner, we deeply appreciate the trust placed in us by referring lawyers. Our fee-sharing philosophy is simple and aligns with the ethical standards set by the State Bar of Georgia. If you refer a client to us, we believe you should share in the success of the case.

Collaborative Approach

Referring attorneys frequently select Kibbey Wagner to spearhead investigations, enlist experts, file pleadings, oversee discovery, and advocate for clients in trial. Whether you opt for our guidance from the initial stages or decide to join the process at a later point, we remain adaptable and dedicated to a cooperative approach that guarantees the optimal outcome for the client.

Trust and Reputation

Why do lawyers across Atlanta recommend Kibbey Wagner? Two crucial factors: trust and reputation. Specializing in personal injury law, we have a strong history of successful trial outcomes, record-setting verdicts, and a commitment to transparent and positive client experiences.

Why Refer Clients to Kibbey Wagner?

Proven Representation

    • We have a track record of maximizing case values through proven trial skills.
    • Open communication guarantees clients are informed at every stage.
    • Our history of securing large verdicts showcases our readiness for trial.

Safeguarding Your Reputation

    • We understand that referring a case reflects on your reputation.
    • Regular client updates and maximizing case values are our top priorities.

What to Expect When Referring a Client

Upon referring a client to Kibbey Wagner, anticipate a prompt and proactive response. We initiate contact swiftly unless instructed otherwise. As the referring lawyer, you can rely on:

    • Financial Support: We bear the entirety of case expenses, covering expert testimony, medical records, and litigation costs.
    • Flexible Engagement: Whether you choose to actively participate in depositions, or mediation, or prefer a more hands-off approach, we tailor our collaboration to your preferences.
    • Timely Remuneration: Referral partners receive compensation on the same day as our firm. Upon the client’s signing of the disbursement statement, we promptly issue checks.

Contact Us

If you’re an attorney seeking to elevate the quality of service you offer to your clients, we welcome you to consider a partnership with Kibbey Wagner. Contact us at (404) 905-5555.

At Kibbey Wagner, we are committed to fostering enduring collaborations that result in shared success.